Boston Refrigerator Repair Man from 1st Call Appliance Service Suggests Simple Maintenance Tips to Extend Life

Dirty condenser coils can quickly drain the life from a refrigerator which is one of the most expensive appliances to replace



Boston MA – The local refrigerator repair man suggests simple tips to add years to the life of the appliance. Refrigerators are among the most important appliances in the home because they work 24/7 keeping food cold. They are also very expensive to replace. The good news is they will last about 20 years if properly taken care of.

The refrigerator repair man with 1st Call Appliance Service ( often provides his customers with information to help the refrigerator perform better and last longer. Cleaning the condenser coils is the most important refrigerator maintenance task one can do to keep it working efficiently. The coils are located at the back or on the bottom of the unit. Dust and debris must be vacuumed out at least once a year to remove build up and promote air flow around the appliance.

Interior temperature is the most important function so the refrigerator repair man informs owners that it should be kept around 37 degrees. The factory has a recommended setting for the dials. Warmer temperatures allow food to spoil and colder temperatures cause the refrigerator to work too hard to maintain the temperature.

A common problem addressed by the refrigerator repair man is cracked or damaged door seals. They should be flexible and kept clean to allow the door to seal properly when shut. An inefficient seal will allow cold air to escape, causing the refrigerator to run more and cost more to operate.

Even a well maintained refrigerator can break down. Refrigerator repair should only be handled by a qualified service technician to avoid personal injury, electrical shock, or further damage to the unit.

1st Call Appliance Service technicians are qualified to work on most refrigerators and they understand the urgency of getting this one fixed right away. No one wants to lose a refrigerator and freezer full of food while waiting for a service technician to arrive.

All appliance service technicians with 1st Call Appliance present a professional image as they arrive in lettered vehicles and clean uniforms. Their friendly service and professional workmanship ensures the customer that things will be in working order soon.

1st Call Appliance Service gets the job done right the first time, on the first visit. Scheduling appliance repair service is easy and Saturday appointments are available. All parts and work is guaranteed. Visit to learn more.

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