Easy Washer Repair and Maintenance Tips from 1st Call Appliance Repair Boston

Local washing machine repair man provides sound advice to prevent dangerous hazard and improve washer performance



Boston MA – A local washer repair technician enjoys sharing maintenance tips with customers while servicing their appliances. The washer is often taken for granted with few people giving thought to the potential damage it can cause to the home. The water supply hoses are under constant pressure and if one should burst the home would quickly fill up with water.

According to the washer repair man with 1st Call Appliance Repair (http://www.firstcallappliance.com/category/washing-machine/), the hoses should be replaced with high quality hoses to reduce the risk of bursting. Check the hoses often to be sure they are not leaking or bulging.

A common problem addressed by the washer repair technician is noise, rocking and banging during the spin cycle. This typically means the washer is not level. Many washers come with self-adjusting legs that cam make leveling simple. Refer to the service manual for leveling the washer.

Owners should know if their washing machine flushes lint down the drain or if there is a removable lint collector which needs to be cleaned manually. The service manual will contain this information.

With many appliances, cleanliness is important for both looks and function. Keeping the exterior clean will prevent damage to the finish caused by detergent dripped onto the surface. Clean the inside of the washer to remove bacteria, mildew and residue accumulation by running it empty, with hot water and vinegar.

The appliance service technicians with 1st Call Appliance Repair are happy to provide tips and information to help make appliances work better and last longer. They also warn residents that attempting to repair or replace electrical components can be dangerous and result in further damage. Some appliance repair service should only be handled by a factory trained and certified technician.

1st Call Appliance strives to get the job done right the first time, on the first visit. Scheduling appliance repair service is easy and Saturday appointments are available. All parts and work is guaranteed.

Customers who have used 1st Call Appliance enjoy saving money as most appliance repair services cost less than 30% of the replacement cost. From the friendly and professional staff to the qualified appliance repair technician, the level of service exceeds customer expectations to guarantee at least 100% satisfaction. Visit http://www.appliancerepairbostonma.com/ to learn more.

About 1st Call Appliance:
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